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Life's a Grind

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Life is most definitely a grind and everyone has their own set of struggles. This idea of celebrating the triumph, of not giving up no matter how hard it gets recently came into my mind.

How only you know the pain you’ve had to endure, and only YOU know the price you had to pay to be in the position you are now. Whether you’re in a “bright spot” in life or still fighting and trying to find your way, just know that you will eventually taste victory and you will remember deeply how it wasn’t always this way and you’ve had to fight for everything you have.

For those who are still in dark places and still fighting, you are warriors and I respect the hell out of you and relate to you deeply. ❤️

I couldn’t put the whole verse 😉 because I plan to put this in a song!

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