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Singer and Rapper, EZZI, is like many of us, on a constant journey to find himself. What might set him apart from your average person, is his mission to heal himself and others from the hardships of life and more specifically, the struggles of Mental Health. Writing vulnerable yet hopeful music, EZZI has helped many people deal with their struggles and has gained EZZI a devoted fanbase along the way. 


The Los Angeles native released his Debut Album titled 'Childhood Dreams' in June of 2021. The project tugs on nostalgia and the simplicity of youth with a yearning to achieve that blissful state during the complexities of adulthood. The Project independently garnered more then a 500,000 streams across streaming platforms. 

EZZI has continued to organically grow his fanbase and put on a number of successful shows in Los Angeles, New York, and Florida. He is set to release a number of songs throughout the later part of 2022.