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100,000 Spotify Streams!!

Hey Guys!!!! So @izzydrai and I wanted to thank all of you who got us 100,000 streams on Spotify for our song Lonely! Being independent artists we didn't have any financial or promotional backing, which means every single stream was 100% authentic from SUPPORTIVE people like you! And for that, we are incredibly grateful to our fan base! You guys are keeping us going! LITERALLY! So in honor of you guys, we wanted to Thank you personally and we released an acoustic cover of the track along with a Music Video! The first videos are some behind the scenes Shenanigans 😜 the last one is the final product! Please watch the song, stream the song and share it with every person on the planet!! (OK maybe just in your town) This version is out on all platforms!! I WANTED TO GIVE AN HUUGE SHOUTOUT TO OUR INCREDIBLY TALENTED GUITARIST @arygboy for absolutely killing this recording!! And to our incredible Videographer @an2nmusic for nailing this shoot perfectly! Big LUV TO YALL!!😘😘❤❤


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