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Waterbury Concert 2023

It was a pretty cold winter. I'm sitting in the heated dorm room and my friend is jamming on a guitar. I start mumbling lyrics along and had the crazy idea "maybe lemme try to write a song". I've never written a song in my life so I don't know why I decided at 22 years old to give it a try. We opened up garage band, layed down some samples and took it to a local studio in a nearby mall to record. Yes. This was in Waterbury. Waterbury is where I started to give this music thing a Crack. That song was "Just Fly". On occasion I listen to it and think about how much I've grown as a writer and artist since then, but one thing that always makes me smile is remembering the place and environment that I wrote it in. Waterbury. It's a place where people feel brave enough to dream. Brave enough to be themselves. The Rebbeim (and subsequently the guys) create that environment. And when people are their True Selves....Growth, Purpose, Dreams, Magic, whatever title you want to call it, ensues. It's full circle that the place where I stared getting in tune with my true self, is the place where guys now sing along with my lyrics word for word. I always try to be honest with my lyrics and I think one of the reasons my music resonates over there is because its an Honest place. A REAL place. I try to come back once a year to get my yearly dose of Inspiration. It's always an invigorating experience. Because it's a REAL experience. Everyone is REAL. Another world for REAL is TRUE, and Truth or Emes can be the most invigorating thing in the world. Thanks for having me back ❤️


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