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City Walk Chanukah 2022

I'm a huge Shwekey guy. Always been. 3 years ago Shwekey was on that CityWalk stage and I was there in the crowd enjoying his performance. I remember vividly thinking "I don't know when and I don't know how but one day I'ma be up on that stage turning up the place". Still not sure how, but fast forward 3 years and we did it. Instagram made this reel for me and actually chose this song as well (which I've never heard before) and I thought to myself if they only knew how perfect of a song choice it was. Whatever your doing in your life, just keep doing it regardless of the results. If your passionate about something, results aren't the important thing, the every day life pursuit of it is. Oh and it doesn't hurt to dream a lil! 🌟 ❤️


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