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Waterbury Concert 2022

It's hard to put into words what performing at Waterbury feels like. Anyone who's ever stepped foot into this place might understand what I'm referring to.This place is different. This place is special. In a world where the daily tolls of life can exhaust you, or the craziness at times may frighten you. Tucked away in farmland, there exists a place where the world feels good. Where things feel magical. Surreal truthfully. Love is truly in the air. Real, unconditional love is permeating those walls. Everyone is genuinely celebrating their peers success and at the same time sharing in their burdens. Hugs are being given by the moment. Laughs are being shared, tears are being shed on another's shoulder. I didn't think its possible to be in a place where judgement doesn't exist, but over there, its just not in their mental vocabulary. The atmosphere doesn't allow it to enter. Being in the "Real World" for the last 5 years and getting lost in the hustle and bussle of daily life, made me forget at times the beauty and magic that happens over here. The moment I walked back in those doors, I felt it. I felt the magic all over again. Honestly I may have taken for granted living Waterbury and being in such an environment for close to 2 years. The beauty became so normal that you forget, things on the outside are unfortunately not like this. As soon as I got on-stage and saw beautiful souls giving hugs to each other, dancing with each other, it hit me, THIS IS THE REAL WORLD. Everything else outhere feels like a hamster wheel. That ain't real. That ain't eternal. Wake up, Work, make money, do it again. We get lost in it. Every once in a while it's important to know the actual REAL WORLD. Thanks for having me! Was incredible as always ❤.


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