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Childhood Dreams Billboard- The Child-Like Simplicity

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

There's a certain simplicity to a child.

A child just lives, a child just experiences, and for the most part, doesn't do too much thinking. As we grow older our minds develop and this thing called 'Thought' takes a far bigger role in our lives.

The inspiration behind 'Childhood Dreams' is a longing to experience life in its purest form, just like a child does. I [Ezzi] am NOT trying to run away from the element of 'thought' in our lives. 'Thought' can be a wonderful tool, it can also be a harmful one.

The goal is to experience life in its purest form. To connect the complexity & experience that comes with Adulthood, to the Simplicity and Blissfulness of an adolescent. The marriage of these 2 elements is when we begin to experience an 'elevated life'. The album is not about escaping the present 'Adulthood' back to my youth, rather to incorporate all the knowledge and patience we learn through getting older and infusing that into our 'Inner Child' who is living worry free and experiencing life as it comes.

That's called living.

That's 'Childhood Dreams'.

In this Billboard above, is a Child who is just 'living'. A mind too undeveloped to complicate the simplicity of life. Standing under the Billboard is that same child, now a Man, who is longing to use the Development of the mind as a positive tool. Only for the positive. That's 'Take me back to my youth where I had no worries'. In my song 'Summer Eyes' I say "Wish I Can see younger me and just make him proud". I Definitely think that the kid in the sprinklers would be proud, proud because he is pursuing something that is real, something that is beautiful, something that can make an impact. Sometimes it's important to stop and think 'I have so much to offer to this world' because of course you do!! You are here for a reason nobody else is!! We all can accomplish growth and hopefully make a positive impact in this World, each in our unique way, in a way that not a single other person can!

I genuinely want to thank all the people involved who made this Billboard happen. Your support means everything! I hope the message of this album resonates with you as much as it does with me.

Let's start 'Living'.

Love yall ❤

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