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EZZI Concert-Chanukah 2021

Whats up Instagram!! So happy I was able to have a couple of days to take in the amazing concert on Sunday night!! So many people who made this possible! First and Foremost!! I wanna thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON who spent their hard earned money to come out and support!! You guys literally made the event and blew my expectations out of the water with the insane energy!!🔥 To my main man @izzydjay you took the whole party to another level🔥🔥 none of ANY of this would be possible without you my brother!! Yo @isaacgordon It's about time we got to perform our song together!!! We wrote something that resonates deeply with people and I'm so happy we got to experience the energy together on the same stage!!So thanks so much for joining me!! Ayyyeee @bleu_spielberg u been there since before I started rapping and I knew I was gonna do a song with u! I am so happy we were able to perfom our joint in front of all these people! You absolutely dominated the whole performance 🔥🔥🔥 keep being special my bro🔥🙏❤ . To the homie @arygboy So excited for the future ahead my dawg!! Thanks for performing and bringing ur insane talent to all of us⚡

And also to @_e.z.m thanks for the surprise opening!! Keep going 💪

Yooo @moshe_smolyansky you worked so hard putting this whole event into fruition and I hope your proud of your work cuz u made an amazing night come to life!!

And lastly to my wife @dassyhirsch you poured everything you had into making sure the concert was perfect and a night to remember!! I love you all! ❤


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