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Recap of Childhood Dreams Release Party

Hey guys! Just gonna ramble for a bit- Since I was a kid I've dreamed of filling up rooms and performing in front of people, as I got a bit older I dreamed of doing that through music that actually means something to people, to try to touch a chord deep within. Saturday night was a dream, it was surreal, to be able to sell out to a full crowd, in my city, and to have people all across the town come and spend their hard earned money to support me, is something I will always be humbled and baffled by. Watching the room full of family, friends and fans join together and just absolutely turn up with me was definitely one of the highlights of my life! I wanna personally thank every single person who came out and showed love, it means more than you even imagine! I especially wanna thank my wife for working so hard in bringing this whole event to life!!! And I wanna thank the amazing Collabarators, Izzy, Ary, Sheina and Menachem for being so amazing and making the event so perfect! For all those who couldn't make it, I wanna thank you all for supporting from wherever you are!! My proudest work 'Childhood Dreams' is finally out and I'm so happy I was able to celebrate its release in such a fashion! For all those who are new, wanna thank you for joining me in my journey and it means the world that you are listening to the album! Wud luv it so much if you can continue to share the album with friends and family! Luv yall!


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