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Searching For Happiness

People spend their whole lives searching for happiness. But in truth, if you are searching, your on the wrong path. It's not something you search for, it's something you uncover. Happiness is just the state of your consciousness experiencing life with out any problems. But problems are created within. Problems are the result of our reaction to a specific situation, if our reaction changes then the problem is no longer. Happiness is not something you look for because it never left! We just tend to close the door on our consciousness ability to experience natural and intrinsic happiness. Whether we close it by getting lost in Thought, Emotions, past experiences, it doesn't matter, it's all the same. We are closing and stopping the intrinsic ability to experience the beauty of life. You don't search for happiness, you uncover all the blockage and clutter that is burying it. We have to try not getting lost in the world of trivial thought or emotion, as once we enter that world, we no longer can experience anything, let alone happiness. When we're lost in those things, we are actually numb and just watching a very upsetting movie. Stop watching all those things and let the natural flow of happiness take you! I'm definitely tryna LIVE LIFE and not have LIFE LIVE ME. Just some of my thoughts ✌❤


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